Procedure for Internationals

Be sure to read all information concerning the requirements before starting your application. Please note that there are different application procedures for students who graduated from a German university and for students who graduated from a non-German university.

Here you will find some very useful general information about studying in Germany online.

For international applicants

This information is for students who have finished their first degree outside Germany.

Step 1

Fill in the application form 1 and form 2 and send them via e-mail to silke.venker(at) for a first check before you begin the official application. Do not send any scanned copies along with this online pre-application.

If you have problems opening the file or questions about filling in the application form, please contact us for help.

Application form 1: Personal Information

Application form 2: For admission at University

Step 2

In reply you will get an email stating whether or not you fulfill the general requirements. This email does not state anything about admission. Upon receiving the email stating general fulfillment of requirements, you may upload all relevant papers on the platform of uni-assist - a federal organisation which evaluates international degrees and transforms the grades to the German grading system.

Step 3

After receiving the verification, please upload the following papers

IBe aware of paying the fee of 75 Euro!

Necessary application documents

  • Completed application forms 1 and 2 (hand-signed)
  • Officially certified copies of diplomas (e.g. Bachelor’s certificate)
  • Officially certified copies of original transcripts of grades (Your final average grade and the general margins of the grading system of the university must be recognizable)
  • Plain copy of passport
  • Proof of English proficiency (see requirements)

Important: Applicants from China, Vietnam and Mongolia must apply to “Akademische Prüfstelle - APS” before or while sending their documents to uni-assist.

Step 4

After receiving your application "uni-assist" will send you by email the acknowledgement of receipt They will inform you, if something is missing and you still have 3 weeks time to submit it later. Only after this step is completed, will your application be considered in the official selection procedure.

Certification of documents

In Germany, any public authority that holds an official seal is allowed to officially authenticate documents. These include a Gemeindeverwaltung, Landkreis and lower administrative authorities (such as an Ortsbürgermeister or Ortsvorsteher, Stadtverwaltung, Bürgeramt, Rathaus, Kreisverwaltung, etc.). Courts and notaries are also included. Public authorities in Germany are entitled, but not obliged, to authenticate foreign-language documents. If you are already in Germany and are unable to find a public authority here that will authenticate your documents, please contact the embassy of your home country.

Certificates must always be submitted in the original language of the home country, and also as an English or German translation. If a certificate issued in a non-English speaking country is issued in English as well as in the original language, then the English-language version counts as an original certificate. This applies to certificate versions in German as well. Certificates issued in French cannot be accepted, they have to be translated into German or English. Please remember: translators cannot authenticate any original-language documents, only the translations they have issued themselves! Please note that translations have to be certified. However, if the copy of a translation which you submit bears the translator's original stamp then - and only then! - is an additional certification not necessary.

The translation of certificates essentially has to be carried out by an official authority, e.g. by the authorized department of the institution that issued the certificate, or by a sworn translator. Any translations done by German translation bureaus that do not fulfill this requirement will not be accepted. Any translations done abroad have to be carried out by an institution authorized to carry out sworn translations (or equivalent) in that country.

Your documents may be authenticated by the following institutions:

  • the schools or universities who issued them, or the relevant Department of Education in your home country
  • the Diplomatic Missions to the Federal Republic of Germany (Embassy or consulate)
  • the Culture Department at the Embassy of the country the certificate was issued in
  • the authorities and notaries authorized to carry out official authentications in the country in question



We will make our final decision based on the evaluation done by uni-assist. We will inform all students in May/June, if they are offered a place in the program or not. That leaves you enough time to apply for the visa, which might in some cases take up to three months.

In case you have trouble getting the visa or due to a late visa, must arrive late, or withdra your application, please inform us.