Finances & Accommodation


Total living costs in Lübeck per month: approx. 900 Euro.

The following list shows living costs per month that can be expected. Please note that these estimations are based upon the experiences of last year's students. These expenses vary depending on your personal needs.

  • Cost for a room per month: approx. 300-400 Euro
  • Health insurance per month (required for enrollment): approx 100 Euro (Note: For students over the age of 30 health insurance might be more expensive)
  • Semester fees: Around 250 Euro (being paid twice a year only)
  • Cafeteria lunch: 1.30 - 4.50 Euro
  • Public transportation in Lübeck: exempt from charges with semester ticket App


You should have enough cash with you to live on, especially for the first few days after your arrival. Sometimes it might take some time before you open your bank account or get access to your money by unlocking your blocked bank account.

Sometimes it takes students 5 semesters or longer to finish studies, so you should calculate that for your savings. When you have to extend your Visa the "Ausländerbehörde" will check, if you have enough savings or income to stay longer.


There are several possibilities for accommodation in Lübeck. You can choose to live in a dormitory, in a shared flat or you decide to find a flat/room by yourself.

For the dormitories you have to apply online at the "Studentenwerk" not later than the 15th of July for the winter semester or the 15th of January for the summer semester!

Please note: In Germany you must pay broadcasting licence fees on a monthly basis of around 17 Euro.