How to get there

Getting to Lübeck

You can travel via plane

Hamburg Airport

From Hamburg Airport to Lübeck (distance Hamburg- Lübeck: about 70 kilometers): Take suburban railway "S1" from Hamburg Airport to Hamburg Main Station (about every 15 minutes), afterwards take the train from Hamburg Main Station to Lübeck.

via train/Deutsche Bahn

Trains from Hamburg Main Station to Lübeck take about 50 minutes and run once or twice an hour during day time. Please check online Deutsche Bahn or Nahverkehr Schleswig-Holstein for more information. There is an information desk within the station, where you can ask for help or buy your ticket. Tickets you buy at the ticket booths will cost around 10 Euro.

via car

  • motorway "A1" from Hamburg towards Puttgarden/Fehmarn, exit "Lübeck-Zentrum"
  • motorway "A20" from Rostock towards Lübeck/Hamburg

Getting to the universities

Both the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences and the University of Lübeck are located on a common campus approximately five kilometers south of the "Altstadt" Lübeck (old city center).

via bus

From the central bus station (called "Zentraler Omnisbusbahnhof (ZOB)) which is next to the central train station, take bus number 1 or 9 towards "Universitätsklinikum/Hochschulstadtteil": Stadtverkehr Lübeck/public transportation Lübeck.

You can use your admission letter or later your student ID for free transport.

via train

From the central station in Lübeck take the train towards "Bad Kleinen/ Neubrandenburg" which will have one stop in "Lübeck- St. Jürgen". From the St. Jürgen train stop, it is about a ten minute walk via Mönkhofer Weg to both universities.

via car

 For the destination, please use either:

  • Moenkhofer Weg 239, 23562 Lübeck (University of Applied Sciences)
  • Ratzeburger Allee 160, 23562 Lübeck (University of Lübeck)