Academic Calendar

Winter Semester 2019/20

1st September - 29th February                    

16th September  - 20th September              Exams AND introduction week for new BME-students        

23rd September                                         Lectures begin

3rd October                                               German Unification Day (no lectures)

1st December - 31st December                    Registration for next summer semester

16th December  - 8th January                      Students must register online for the exams in January

23rd December  - 6th January                      Lecture-free period (Christmas and New Year's)

7th January  - 17th January                          Lectures

20th January - 31st January                         Exams

10th February - 26th February                      Students must register online for the exams in March

3rd February                                              Start of lecture-free period


Summer Semester 2020

1st March - 31st August 

9th March -13th Marchl                                 Exams

16th Marchl                                                  Lectures begin

10th April and 13th April                                Good Friday and Easter (no lectures)

1st May                                                        Labour Day (no lectures)

21st May                                                      Ascension Day (no lectures) 

1st June                                                       Whit Monday (no lectures)

30th May - 15th July                                      Students must register for the exams in July online

1st June - 30th June                                      Registration for the next winter semester 

29th June - 10th July                                      Exams

13th July                                                       Lecture-free period

20th August - 3rd September                          Online registration for exams in September