Academic Calendar

Winter Semester

1st September - 28th February                    

September/October                                    Exams AND introduction week for new BME-students and lectures start

3rd October                                               German Unification Day (no lectures)

1st December - 31st December                    Registration for next summer semester

December                                                  Students must register online for the exams in January/February

December                                                  2 weeks Lecture-free period (Christmas and New Year's)

Beginning of  January                                  Lectures start

January/February                                        2 weeks exams

February/March                                          Students must register online for the exams in March/April

February                                                    Start of lecture-free period

Summer Semester

1st March - 31st August 

March                                                        Exams

March(April                                                Lectures begin

April/May                                                   Good Friday and Easter (no lectures)

1st May                                                     Labour Day (no lectures)

May/June                                                   Ascension Day (no lectures) 

June                                                          Whit Monday (no lectures)

May/June                                                   Students must register for the exams in July online

1st June - 30th June                                    Registration for the next winter semester 

June/July                                                    2 week exams

July/August                                                 Lecture-free period

August/September                                      Online registration for exams in September