Career & Alumni

Overview of Alumni

As of the year 2022, more than 500 students from around 65 countries have successfully finished their Master's degree in Biomedical Engineering in Lübeck. Many of them started working directly in academia, in biomedical engineering companies or in hospitals. While many international students returned to their home countries after graduation, some stayed to live and work in Germany.

Approximately 20% of the alumni started a PhD program after finishing the Master's degree program in Lübeck.

If you would like to get in contact with graduates from the previous years, we can arrange that for you...


We would like to congratulate you on completing your Master's degree in Biomedical Engineering and hope you have enjoyed your time in Lübeck. We wish you success in finding suitable employment in your chosen field. We would like you to send us a quick email after finishing your degree to keep us informed of your future endeavors. Thank you!

If you are an alumni from the Master's Program in Biomedical Engineering and you wish to get in contact with other alumni or need other related information, please contact us at any time. We would like to provide future assistance and look forward to hearing from you! Offers for Master theses or jobs are always welcome...

Starting a career in Germany

If you want to stay in Germany after your graduation, we will support you and can also provide you with addresses and contacts. The Career Development Center will assist you with your application.

You normally receive a visa - with working permit - lasting for 18 months after your graduation. During this time you have the chance to find a job in Germany.

The following are websites and organisations, where you may find company addresses for applying: