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1st Semester Courses 

Medical Track

Anatomy and Physiology
Microbiology and Hygiene

Natural Sciences

Medical Technology
Medical Technology
Medical Technology - Lab

System Theory
Signals and Systems
Numerical Methods

MatLab - Project

Technical Track

Signal Processing
Signal Processing
Signal Processing  - Lab

Electronics and Optics
Medical Electronics

Design Engineering                OR               Control Systems
Design Methodology                                      Machine Learning
DesignMethodology - Lab                               Model Predictive Control
Materials Science

System Theory
Signals and Systems
Numerical Methods

MatLab - Project

2nd Semester Courses

Image Processing
Numerical Methods  - Lab

Scientific Writing - Project
Management Elective

Medical Track                               OR             Technical Track         
Regulatory Affairs (Online)                            Medical Electronics - Project           

Selected Electives (16 ECTS)

Management Electives

Health Technology Assessment
Innovation Management and Marketing
Quality Management in Healthcare
Successfull negotiation and communication

Selected Electives
Biophysics Lab/Project
Clinical Application - project/excurion
Human Biochemistry - Lab
Medical Technology - Selected Topics
Photonics II
Specialized Biomechanics

Artificial Intelligence (only offered in WS)
Computer Aided Techniques in Design
Computer Vision
Implantable Hearing Devices
Medical Deep Learning
Medical Robotics
Nuclear Imaging

3rd Semester Courses

Research Internship
Student Conference

4th Semester Courses

Master Thesis
Master Thesis
Final Examination